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Evolution Karate Academy

At Evolution Karate Academy, we're working hard to help everyone in our community enjoy high-level martial arts training and have a great time in the process. We offer a comprehensive approach to everything from traditional forms to real-world self-defense and sport-style training. PLUS, we offer a comprehensive Kids Martial Arts class that can set your child up for success in all aspects of life.

We work hard to maintain a safe, supportive environment where people of all backgrounds and skill sets can train with confidence and build their skills one step at a time.

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Aubrey was so excited to test for her first time and the zoom worked great. I can say she was upset originally because she thought she wouldn’t have the opportunity to test and advance once we were quarantined. This definitely brought joy to her. Thank you for being there for our children. Your passion shows 

Tracie Green

Hey Master K! Hope you’ve been doing well. Just saw a few posts of what you’ve been up to with Evolution and thought to myself how I’m not sure if I ever expressed my gratitude to you and Ms. Myers for everything you both did for me while growing up. Thank you for all of the tough love and training all those years ago as I truly believe it had an extremely powerful impact on my life. The morals and life lessons such as integrity,respect, self control, etc have stayed with me to this day and I owe a large amount of that and my success in adulthood not only to my parents but to my time with you and the team at KMAI. Thanks again for everything and I know many others, whether they’ve reached out or not, feel the same way!

Blake Long

I think Evolution Karate is an awesome place to have your child learn Karate! I have strongly recommended it to several friends and they all have agreed with me. Their kids are loving it as well. The instructors are patient and caring! They are very encouraging! It is a place my daughter wants to be everyday! Evolution Karate has welcomed us into their Martial Arts Family and we are loving it!

Kids Martial Arts Middletown

Shirley Moux

Evolution is a one stop training center. I went for a trial period and I was hooked. In this year I have gotten to know the instructors. ALL are very good at what they to. Starting from Miss Alex and Mr. Adam are great with the kids. They show patience and kindness. Mr. Mac is a hard worker and he works you hard. Master Watson is an awesome teacher!! He makes it easy and hard at the same time. He does not allow you to rest on what you already know. Then comes Master K. he has a smile for everyone, but don’t let the smile fool you. The knowledge that he has is amazing!! This is truly a family!!I couldn’t see me anyplace else. Come see for yourself, and you will get hooked!!

Kids Martial Arts Middletown

Milton Alexander

Matthew has been a member since the week he turned five, and I am absolutely sure that he would not be a strong, polite, and motivated 14-year-old today without Master K and Miss (now Master) Myers. Words can't even express how much this school has given us.

Kids Martial Arts Middletown

Carrie Chen

Great place, great instructors, and great environment. My grandson loves going to Evolution. I love the way they allow the older students to help train the younger students.

Kids Martial Arts Middletown

Michael Gilbert Harris

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