Joe Kaluzny

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Joe Kaluzny

Master Kaluzny is a 5th Degree Master with the World Tang Soo Do Association and also holds a 6th Dan in Hapkido. He is adept in the fitness industry as well. He is always striving to be a top-notch athlete and believes that physical fitness plays a huge role in martial arts. Master K (as kids call him) has been teaching in Middletown since 2003 for Master John Godwin's Korean Martial Arts Institute.

Master Kaluzny has been making leaders for over thirty years. One of Master Kaluzny’s many strengths is his ability to work with children and adults of all ages reach their goals such as: improving children’s focusing and discipline, improving decision making for both children and adults, building confidence in self-protection, helping people reduce weight and keeping them physically fit, reducing stress and helping mentally challenged kids who may suffer from attention disorders.

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