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  • Summer Camps

    Summer Camps

    When is the best time to register for Summer Camps? Believe it or not January through March is the best time. Usually, by the end of April, ALL Summer Camps are SOLD OUT! ....

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  • New Year Resolution?

    At the start of the year, making New Year’s Resolutions are a standard tradition for many. It is a time to take stock of the past year and dream big for the new year. Yet only 8% of people successful complete their resolutions.
    The six most common reasons for failing to meet resolutions are:

    Not making it a priority or having a strong enough reason why
    Getting discouraged if things don’t go perfectly from the start
    Not having specific enough goals
    Trying to do too many different activities at once
    Not having the right mentors or support groups
    Not tracking progress ....

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  • Tips for Beginners

    Tips for Beginners

    Be patient
    You may have started karate because you want to spar. Or perhaps you have your sights on becoming a master. However, if you're just starting out, it’ll do well to exercise patience. Like any sport, karate takes a lot of practice to master. You’ll need to train your brain and body to learn new physical movements. If you're not improving as quickly as you'd like, give yourself time. Karate involves both physical and mental conditioning, so learning at a slower pace may actually help you retain mental aspects. Eventually, with practice, the moves will begin to feel natural.
    Before you go to a karate class, make sure you stretch thoroughly, like you would ....

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  • Reader's Choice Award Winner 2019

    Reader's Choice Award Winner 2019

    Big THANK YOU to everyone who voted us NOT ONLY the 2019 First State Favorites in MOT but also for voting us #1 in the Reader's Choice Awards for the State of Delaware!! ....

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  • Back to School Tips

    Back to School Tips

    Tip #1
    Put your child on a healthy sleeping pattern. Tip #2
    Put your child on a brain strengthening diet. Tip #3
    Make sure your child feels comfortable communicating with you ....

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  • What parents think they are paying for.

    What parents think they are paying for.

    What parents think they are paying for in a martial arts class: - Being taught to kick & punch. What they are actually paying for: - A life coach. - A psychologist. - Inspiration. - A supporter of their child. - A mentor to their child. - A problem solver. - A stress reliever. - Encouragement to believe in yourself. - Learning respect, humility, loyalty, empathy, perseverance, patience, discipline, self control and listening skills to name a few. - Encouragement to set goals and reach goals. - Someone who puts their heart and soul into teaching your child. - Someone who cares about your well being. - Learning responsibility and being accountable for your actions. - Someone to teach ....

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  • How Martial Arts can help kids against bullying

    How Martial Arts can help kids against bullying

    Here are some benefits that karate will do for your child when it comes to being bullied:
    It increases fitness.
    It improves the mind (focus, concentration, quick thinking, etc.)
    It develops manners.
    It keeps kids busy and out of trouble after school and on weekends.
    It gives them the self-esteem to stand up for themselves.
    It teaches them how to fight back if they are physically attacked.
    It teaches kids how to avoid fights or how to end them quickly if they do break out.
    It introduces them to new cultures and ideas. ....

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  • What are the benefits of Jiu Jitsu

    What are the benefits of Jiu Jitsu

    The many benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training includes:

    Increased flexibility.
    Improved fitness, strength and general physical conditioning.
    Stress release and improved concentration.
    Increased self-confidence. ....

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  • What is Tang Soo Do?

    What is Tang Soo Do?

    Tang Soo Do is a Korean Martial Art tracing its lineage back over 2000 years, focusing mainly on unarmed techniques and self-defense. Literally translated, the word “Tang” means the T’ ang dynasty of China, but reflects the shared cultural background between China and Korea. “Soo” means hand but implies fist, punch, strike, etc, and “Do” means way of life. Warrior aristocrats known as the Hwa Rang Dan lived by 5 codes given to them by a monk named Won Kwang. The 5 codes have been passed down as a way of life from generation to generation for centuries, and Tang Soo Do practicioners still follow these codes today.Over many centuries, the Korean ....

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