What parents think they are paying for.

What parents think they are paying for.

What parents think they are paying for in a martial arts class:

- Being taught to kick & punch.

What they are actually paying for:
- A life coach.
- A psychologist.
- Inspiration.
- A supporter of their child.
- A mentor to their child.
- A problem solver.
- A stress reliever.
- Encouragement to believe in yourself.
- Learning respect, humility, loyalty, empathy, perseverance, patience, discipline, self control and listening skills to name a few.
- Encouragement to set goals and reach goals.
- Someone who puts their heart and soul into teaching your child.
- Someone who cares about your well being.
- Learning responsibility and being accountable for your actions.
- Someone to teach you to stand up for yourself.

Martial arts is not about kicking and punching it's about you. I know from experience that some Instructors teach only for money but I also know from experience that many teach to purely help others. The best advice I can give is research the club you join. Find a good Instructor and it doesn't matter what you study.

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